Things I’m Obsessed with…

Kenni & Kael. Their names sound like a Nickelodeon TV show!  If it wasn’t for all the disgusting people who troll the internet for children’s pictures, I’d have a great time posting their adventures together.

CastleVille Legends. I love this game. Don’t ask me why. It can be so frustrating at time and the temptation to spend real money on it is overwhelming.

Binge-watching TV shows on Amazon or Netflix.  I never seem to be able to watch them when they air on TV.  Just finished The 100 and catching up on Once Upon a Time now.

Vaping. I love trying new flavors and I absolutely LOVE my IPV3 box mod! I stop by the vapor store WAAAY too much.  Vapor Vintage is my go-to vaping store.

Cloud Competition at Vapor Vintage May 2014
Cloud Competition at Vapor Vintage May 2014